Other Visas

Depending on the Nationality of your passport, you may need a visa for the country that you visit. However the rules have changed for the holders of BOTC Passports (Bermuda). So therefore you should check with MoneyShop to ensure that a visa is required

MoneyShop Service

If a visa is required, MoneyShop will ensure that all documents and attachments are complete before submitting to the appropriate Embassy.

The fee for application is dependent upon the application made.

Application Requirement

Your requirements for Visa application will at least include:

1. Completed Visa application form (we will assist).

2. 4 photos with name on the back (Kit n Caboodle has the right sizes).

3. Passport.

4. Proof of health insurance (unless relocating).

5. Itinerary and proof of lodging.

6. MoneyShop will advise you of further information.