Bermuda Status

Bermuda Status

Bermuda Status and Naturalization is a very valuable investment for life. It allows you the privileges of a Bermudian which includes a Bermuda passport and no work permits, landing permits or spousal letters. You do not have to give up your existing nationality and passports. It is a process to obtain Bermuda Status that must be done correctly and completely.

MoneyShop Service

MoneyShop will ensure that all documents and attachments are complete before submitting to the Department of Immigration. The process at Department of Immigration can be up to 6 months.

Application Requirement

Your requirements for Bermuda status and Naturalisation are as follows:

1. Completed Status and Naturalisation form ( we will assist).

2. 4 photos with name on back (Kit n Caboodle has right sizes).

3. Full information of travel within last 7 years.

4. Proof of permanent residence in Bermuda for 7 years (Separate letter by professional person who has known you for that time.)

5. 2 personal referrences attaining to your good standing as a person and in the community.

6. A professional reference.

7. Signature of your spouse saying that they approve for you to receive status.

8. Proof of marriage of 10 years.

9. Notarisation by a Notary Public in your presence.

10. Other information may be required and we will advise you of that.